Ameer Abdul Hussain & Bader Al Lawati

Ameer Abdul Hussain  & Bader Al Lawati

Ameer Abdul Hussain

Having graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering, and subsequently moving to the Power Sector after receiving an exciting offer to partake in a new development program, I became heavily involved in the Solar Project here in Oman. That involvement sparked an interest in renewables and its potential utilization in Oman on a large scale.

BaderĀ  Al Lawati

Bader Al Lawati was among two young Omanis, who went to the most remote and coldest place on earth – The Antarctic – at the invitation of 2041, an environmental NGO that organizes the IAE

Bader Al Lawati has been officially appointed as a mentor by 2041. HeĀ  will now train those listed to join IAE.Bader has also been the Media and Communication manager for the Freezing Omani campaign .He is also professional in the field of corporate communication .